Screencast Alive!

As December approaches, Instructional Media Specialists in my District are readying for the next Milestone – the one teachers and professional staff are required to learn for professional development. The Milestones? I’ll talk about those in another post, but for now just know that being able to record a lesson and post it to Edmodo, our social learning platform of choice, is imperative.

So, before the IMSs meet to discuss strategies and ideas for supporting teachers with this implementation, I created a Thinglink to highlight some tools that could be used in the classroom for teaching and learning.

Many teachers are already using several of these apps and tools – free and paid to create lessons for blended courses, design tutorials, leave instructions for substitute teachers, and more. Now that it’s the expectation, it’ll be interesting to see how the others jump on board – one upload, one voice narration, one annotation at a time. Maybe they’ll get a little motivation from math teacher, Susan Regalia’s ShowMe. It’s funny, but effective!

Imaginary Numbers