An Escort Is No Longer Necessary

I must admit that I’m still a little miffed and heartbroken at the same time –

A little back story: I’ve had the privilege of taking my only niece to school everyday this year. She’s enrolled in a paid Pre-K program at Thurgood Marshall Leadership Academy which happens to be directly across the street from my school. So today as we were walking inside the front doors like we do every morning – hand in hand with me carrying her backpack and lunch – she (Addisyn) proceeds to tell me, “I don’t need you to walk with me.”

Head tilted. Silent. Stunned. Although I suspected there was no need for it, I clarified,

So you don’t want me to walk you to class?

“No, I can do it,” she insisted as she grabbed the bags from my hand and waved goodbye. No kiss, no hug, no nothing. I was paralyzed for a bit, but then managed to discreetly follow her ANYWAY to make sure she made the correct two right turns to find Mrs. Dudley’s classroom. Of course I knew she would, but my feelings were hurt. For more than 140 days, we’ve made that walk together, and now she decides to ditch me. No warning. Hollah!

After coming to my senses and briefly speaking with the attendance clerk (the look on my face prompted her to ask if everything was okay), I strolled back across the street still in shock, but slowly beginning to beam with pride. My little “Addibear” & “Ladybug” is becoming independent and growing up. I’m fascinated by her growth this year; not just her maturity, but how much she’s learned. There is a special place in heaven for Pre-K and Kinder teachers – a very special place. And I thank Mrs. Dudley and Mrs. Kahn for everything they’ve done to help mold my little learner. More to come about the specifics in another post, but for now, I’ll just marinate in my misery of no longer being needed – for a walk that is . . .