When and Where with Calendar Subscriptions

It’s always a good thing to know what’s happening on your school’s campus. Like most high schools, mine is no different I’m certain – with a flurry of activity that would make it difficult for most to keep every event in check. Hence, the school calendar – the one that’s likely maintained by a campus secretary. The one that’s probably on the web page – the one that has every A/B Day marked; every field trip; every district, state, and national testing date; every club meeting…

Yes that one.

The one that teachers and staff would tirelessly update to the their own personal calendar, so they could better plan and prepare throughout the entire year?

Yes that one.

Add the Dubiski Calendar to Your Phone

If your school’s host website gives you the option like Schoolwires does, and if THAT web calendar is THE calendar for the campus, work smarter by adding the iCal feed to your Outlook calendar and mobile devices. Here’s how our teachers took advantage with Microsoft Outlook  2013 for Windows and 2011 for Mac.

Check it out!