QR Code Tournament – It’s an EOC Race!

Yes, I know, many people think that QR codes are so old-school, outdated, early 21st Century – I get it… BUT I think they still have a place especially in education to help foster fun, mobility, and learning. Case in point.

We’re exactly one week away from D-day. No pun intended, but Tuesday, May 6, U.S. history students all across Texas will take their End of Course state assessment that’s required for graduation. Say whatever you want about testing; the truth remains with THIS test – students are still required to know a lot of “who,” “what,” “when,” and “where.”  It’s a FACTS test. The “why” and other analysis just happen to be constructed into the questions.

So with that in mind, my U.S. history teachers asked me to help them organize a scavenger hunt, tournament, “amazing race” of sorts as one last review before the test. And so I did.

They provided 35 questions/statements that were key expectations of what students should know for the exam. In addition to basic text questions, some were redesigned to include video clues from teachers:

QR Clue #4


Others included images or political cartoons:

QR Clue #5


Students were divided into teams, started at various stations – moving in sequential order, and worked together to race through the challenge. QR codes were peppered around campus including a few clues added to our digital media screens. Before leaving each station, groups submitted their answers via the Google Form below making it a cinch for Mr. Dixon and Mrs. Guy to check their progress.

[googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”forms/d/1pVcQEE8gArS5oQRcOXULkUqroml5VeUZafApj4DMPjQ/viewform” query=”embedded=true#start=openform” width=”760″ height=”500″ /]

Mobile review = happy class!

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