Fab Resource: Newseum Digital Classroom

The Newseum, one of my favorite museums in the Washington, D.C. area has launched a second installment to its Digital Classroom collection: Making a Change. This free resource available to teachers and students (registration required) examines the role of the First Amendment in facilitating change in America.

Making a Change

Students can explore how those from all walks of life use their five freedoms: speech, press, religion, assembly, and petition to prevent or foster change during the Civil Rights Movements of the past or modern-day movements of the 21st Century.

This dynamic module is organized into four sections; here’s what you get. Historical Connections: a rich, detailed, interactive timeline of over 200 front-page headlines, videos, and images of legal, social, and economic issues; Media Literacy: a civil rights media map spotlighting news coverage during six prominent years; Civics and Citizenship: a digital exhibit hosted in a special GlogsterEDU portal detailing the struggles and challenges that individuals and communities around the globe face today; and Lesson Plans: a collection of ready-made lessons for using bits or all of the Making a Change module – designed for the late middle/early high school audience.

Scoop it!

Students can –

  • Navigate through this treasure trove of primary sources to gain background knowledge and/or a deeper understanding of key civil rights events. Some guided questions are included. The filters allow for more concise searching by issue, people, or states.
  • Use the media map to compare and evaluate bias and its influence in various regions of the country.
  • Design multimedia posters and flyers to analyze past civil rights events or promote current ones with the built-in GlosterEDU portal. A class code is provided for teachers for easy distribution to students.

Use it and let me know what you think!

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